Sunday, May 27, 2012

Finding table for Oracle constraint violation

When Oracle reports a constraint violation, you might get something unhelpfully cryptic like:

ORA-00001: unique constraint (FOO.SYS_C003567231) violated

The constraint is system-generated, based on UNIQUE being specified in the DDL, so the name is unhelpful. With no other information, finding the affected table can be difficult. You can query for the table with the following SQL:

select constraint_name, table_name
from user_constraints
where constraint_name='SYS_C003567231

This is a handy query to know, so I'm noting it here for my future reference. It's also described in a number of other blogs like this one.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Programming at the speed of thought II: JRebel

In my last blog post, I lamented the slow turnaround and overall heaviness of enterprise Java development. I also said that I would be checking out JRebel, a tool designed to let you make code changes and push them out to a running application without restarting the application. My verdict? I loved it, convinced my boss to buy it, and am an enthusiastic user. But it is not flawless, so adopters should keep expectations realistic.