Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Revealed: my top secret Grails project

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I have mentioned in previous postings that I had been working on a Grails project, but neglected to actually say what that project was. Jelastic not only hosts this project on their PAAS cloud, but Judah Johns of Jelastic was kind enough to interview yours truly on their blog:

The Jelastic Spotlight: My Hometown Video

Now that My Hometown Video (HTV) is out there, it seems unnecessarily bashful to avoid blogging about this project. HTV is the brainchild of my client, Rob Roddenberry, who wanted a way for communities to form around towns of interest. Perhaps you might be nostalgic about a town you grew up in, or would like to tour attractions (parks, beaches). That's where HTV comes in: to provide location-centric videos and discussions. A longer explanation and more screenshots are in the Jelastic spotlight link above, but the best way to check it out is to visit the HTV site.

This has been a fun project. While I have a day job building enterprise Java applications, this is one site that I could sort of call my own. It really belongs to Rob, of course, and is entirely his idea. But it is satisfying to be get to do "everything" at the technical level including UI, server, DB, provisioning, deployment and operations. Grails has been fun to work with, and I find it interesting that every single Jelastic Spotlight application up to HTV has been a Grails app. The presence of public APIs like Facebook's and easy-to-use PAAS offerings like Jelastic has made such applications so easy to turn into reality.

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