Monday, July 19, 2010

Counting down my life

When I wrote TimeForTea for my BlackBerry, I had in mind a countdown timer to let me know when my tea is ready. As it turns out, a countdown timer has a lot more uses than that. I am indebted to my own customers for for their ideas of additional uses of TimeForTea. With room for 9 preset times, you can do a lot more than timing your tea. Looking over the reviews, I found a whole lot of other timing uses, such as:
  • Washing cycle
  • Dryer cycle (no more wrinkled clothes)
  • Lunch break
  • Pizza/Chinese takeout
  • Kids' timeout
  • Kids' video game time
You get the idea. I personally also started using TimeForTea to time when my grill is warmed up. Hey, it's summer.

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