Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My latest BlackBerry app: TempoBeat


My latest BlackBerry app is out. Presenting: TempoBeat, an electronic metronome app. I paid quite a bit of attention to the user interface with this app, since I wanted something that works well with both a keyboard and a touchscreen. The controls can be manipulated by touch, but I also included a number of keyboard shortcuts for non-touch BlackBerry model. It has a bunch of features or characteristics typical of metronomes: tempo, beats per measure, volume control etc. This being a BlackBerry app, I added one more feature that truly belongs on a BlackBerry: you can use the iconic BlackBerry LED to blink the beats, in colors of your choice.


  1. I'm sure many composers will be happy to use this app, especially when they need to get their ideas out and turned into good music. It would serve as a handy device for travelling bands and people who just want to carry their music with them wherever they go.

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